This group “TranschristianUK” has been created for all people who wish to affirm the place of gender variant people, including intersex people, within the fellowship of the Christian Tradition. It is open to everyone who supports the aims of the group, irrespective of their religious faiths, who are on the same spiritual journey.  



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Notes on Confidentiality

Much of the current campaigning focus on LGBTI issues is concerned with issues concerning the acceptability of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage in Christianity and the Christian Church. For transgender people the issues are different since those who have obtained legal recognition of their gender identity through the granting of a United Kingdom Gender Recognition Certificate are already able to have a full Church of England wedding, which can also take place in a Church of England Church.

The integrity of transgender people and the reality of their identities is coming under increasing attack by certain sections of the Christian Church and by other religious faiths. In many countries extreme legal penalties are being applied. It is vitally important that these are challenged by people who are able take up this mission. This group "TranschristianUK" provides one forum through which that challenge is being made.


However, for other people who are unable to do this, confidentiality still needs to be preserved. This may be because of the threat of legal penalties, or rejection by the Church, family and friends.

For transgender people there  are additional reasons. Gender identity and sexual orientation act independently of each other. Many transsexuals marry in their imposed gender role, and do so for all the right reasons and love they possess. However as age increases the drive gets stronger and if no way is found to manage these dynamics the outcome can be a total, sudden and catastrophic collapse. This can have devastating results. When gender and sexuality are in conflict it is usually sexuality that is suppressed. There is the destruction of relationships and commitments through the failure to cope, even when love is as strong as ever. There is the blame for letting oneself down, the hurt to other people that has been caused and the guilt for the inability to conform to the edicts of others and one’s own expectations. Crippling harm can be created by the attitudes of some religious groups who heap guilt on transgender people who cannot follow the path they prescribe. The trauma this creates can be enormous and further attempts to fight the conflict only accelerate the demand. Much of one’s self identity is built on a foundation that is wrong, and a different approach is needed. The adjustments which are demanded of spouses are at least as great  if not greater than those on the transitioning partner, and in order to work through the traumas, confidentiality will always be required.

The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and their supporters. It is an absolute requirement of the group that the confidentiality which any person needs is always preserved. The Sibyls communicates with some members only by private post, with other members communication is via an email list, which is known only to designated people. In cases where members are able to and wish to communicate directly with other members, a closed email group is available, and a Sibyls Members secret facebook page is also provided. Each of these is available on an opt-in basis, so that members can choose the level of privacy they require.

In addition to this confidential support role, the Sibyls is strongly active in campaigning for greater understanding of transgender issues and the full acceptance of transgender, intersex and other gender and sexually variant people in the Christian Churches and society. The group "TranschristianUK" forms part of that mission. Although it is sponsored by The Sibyls, however it is run separately from the Sibyls. This separation is needed to keep the public and the private elements of the Sibyls sufficiently apart.

As a transgender support group the Sibyls welcomes all gender variant people, including intersex people, their friends spouses and supporters to its membership. This includes people who would call themselves transvestites, transsexuals, cross-dressers, intersex and gender queer people. The aim of the Sibyls is to provide the self-acceptance and the self-esteem which comes from knowing that all people, transgender, transsexual, lesbian, gay, heterosexual and bisexual people who attempt to live their lives in ways that fulfil the love of Christ, and who express in completeness their own identities in roles and relationships in ways that are true to themselves, are fully accepted in their own right. This may lead to gender reassignment or it may not. There is no derogation of personal relationships, of marriage and of family life and there is no automatic condemnation of any loving cross-gender or same-sex act: there is no toleration of abusive sex. Instead of a Church doctrine which destroys the self-acceptance that is needed, the support that the Sibyls gives enables people to have the freedom to find for themselves their own true path in life, the knowledge of God's love, and the joy of its full expression in the Love of Christ.


Details of how to join the Sibyls are available on the Sibyls website  or email:



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