This group “TranschristianUK” has been created for all people who wish to affirm the place of gender variant people, including intersex people, within the fellowship of the Christian Tradition. It is open to everyone who supports the aims of the group, irrespective of their religious faiths, who are on the same spiritual journey.  


The group also provides an Independent Open and Public Facebook Forum to discuss transgender and intersex matters in the context of religious faith. This Open Facebook group is available to everyone who supports the same aims: you do not need to be a member of any group to join


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To find the group you may also go to your facebook home page, find “explore” and then click on groups. In the groups page click on “discover” and then enter the name: “TranschristianUK”. To apply to join, click the “Join Group” button on the Group Page. If accepted you will be made a member.  


Transchristian UK has been created by the Sibyls to support and to complement its advocacy of transgender and interex issues, using online media to increase its outreach, and to develop its confidential and pastoral work:   


This open forum facebook group is an unofficial group which is run separately from the Sibyls. Responsibility for the content of any post remains with the person who posts it. Any views expressed by group members do not necessarily represent the views of the Sibyls, TranschristianUK, the moderators and administrators, or of any Sibyls or TranschristianUK member.  


Confidentiality is still extremely important for some people. DO NOT POST PHOTOGRAPHS OR TEXTS which would breach the confidentiality that other people require. The administrators may take down any posts without stating reasons where they deem this could happen. However no liability is accepted for any breaches of confidentiality that do occur.  




The administrators reserve the right to remove any content that is inappropriate or offensive or which does not contain a corresponding content warning. If you believe that something is offensive or inappropriate, please report it to an administrator by clicking on the top right hand drop-down menu on the post itself. You can also send a private message to an administrator.   The nature of conversation online means that often we may sometimes forget to respect one another in the heat of a disagreement. Please take care in whatever you post.  The administrators retain the right to remove anyone from the group without stating any reason at any time


Details of how to join the Sibyls are available on the Sibyls website:  or email:



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The Sibyls  


The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and their supporters.


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The Sibyls is an inclusive Christian group. It welcomes intersex as well as transgender people.


Everybody is welcome.


The Sibyls offers companionship along the journey and it offers information/advocacy to  churches.  


We simply ask that you abide by the ethos and purpose of the group and are on the same spiritual journey. No conformity with specific faiths, creeds or doctrines is required.  


If you need help, or to ask to join, please email the Sibyls in total confidence at