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Diverse Church

Diverse Church is a supportive community of over 250 young LGBT+ Christians in UK evangelical churches. We aim to be a pastoral/mission resource for the wider church so that young LGBT+ people do not give up on God or life.



OneBodyOneFaith works for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual. transgender and intersex people in the Christian churches. We believe that human sexuality in all its richness is a gift of God gladly to be accepted, enjoyed and honoured as a way both of expressing and growing in love, and that it is entirely compatible with the Christian faith not only to love another person of the same sex, but to express that love fully in a personal sexual relationship. We want to help churches and faith communities to have intelligent and compassionate conversations about sexuality, and we want individuals to be able to integrate their sexuality and spirituality in ways which are healthy and life-affirming. We look forward to the day when the lives, loves and identities of LGBTI people are welcomed, valued and celebrated in the life and witness of the churches, and when LGBTI people's gifts are accepted on equal terms with our brothers and sisters.


Inclusive Church

Inclusive Church was initiated in 2003 in response to a particular incident within the life of the Church of England. The Rev’d Dr Jeffrey John had been nominated as Bishop of Reading; this was withdrawn when it became publicly known that Jeffrey John was in a long-term same-sex relationship. The unease felt by so many led to the creation of an on-line petition, asking individuals and churches to support what became known as the Inclusive Church ‘Statement of Belief’.

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 The Sibyls  


The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and their supporters.


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The Sibyls is an inclusive Christian group. It welcomes intersex as well as transgender people.


Everybody is welcome.


The Sibyls offers companionship along the journey and it offers information/advocacy to  churches.  


We simply ask that you abide by the ethos and purpose of the group and are on the same spiritual journey. No conformity with specific faiths, creeds or doctrines is required.  


If you need help, or to ask to join, please email the Sibyls in total confidence at